Romain Deveaud
homepage of a ruby geek
I am currently employed, as part of my Ph.D., as a teaching assistant at the Computer Science department of the University of Avignon. I am mostly involved in Master's courses, for which I set up (jointly with 2 other teachers) the web development practical sessions. I also put in place (with Ludovic Bonnefoy) the lecture slides and the practical work session for the IR course, based on the wonderful Introduction to Information Retrieval book.
Internet architectures, M.Sc., 85.5h of practical work
PHP, web development, Model View Controller, introduction to frameworks
Indexing and Information Retrieval Models, M.Sc., 13h of lecture and 15h of practical work
Distributed indexing, vector-space model, IR evaluation, relevance feedback
Software architectures, M.Sc., 18h of practical work
Servlet, Applet, JSP, J2EE
Advanced algorithmic, M.Sc., 18h of practical work
Implementation of graph path processing algorithms
Object-Oriented Programming, B.Sc., 16.5h of practical work
UML modeling, Java programming
M.Sc. students supervising, M.Sc., 15h
Supervision of two 3-months projects.