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Romain Deveaud
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I am currently a freelance researcher, working from home. I recently worked with Josiane Mothe and Jian-Yun Nie on a Learning-to-Rank project that led to the publication of a CIKM'16 short paper and a full-length TOIS article. I am now affiliated to Cleo/OpenEdition, working on improving access to open science.

I joined Yellow Pages Group (Canada) in January 2015, where I worked as a researcher in the Relevance Optimisation team.
Prior to that, I have worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Glasgow, where I was a member of the Terrier Team and worked on the European SMART FP7 project.
Before that, I did my Ph.D. at the University of Avignon (LIA), where I worked under the direction of Dr. Eric SanJuan-Ibekwe and Pr. Patrice Bellot.

I am interested in Information Access in general, including conceptual Information Retrieval and query modeling, user-oriented Automatic Summarization and query-biased Recommendation.

I sometimes do some blogging and some coding. You can find experimental releases of my research code on my GitHub account, which I'll try to keep up to date.
I also did some teaching at the Computer Science department of the University of Avignon during my Ph.D., mostly for MSc students.

You can find on this website a detailed list of my publications, as well as my CV.